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Alan Jackson

About Little Bitty

"Little Bitty" is a song written by Tom T. Hall, and recorded by American country music artist Alan Jackson. It was released in October 1996 as the lead-off single to Jackson's fifth studio album Everything I Love. The song reached the top of the U. S. Billboard country music charts in December of that year, becoming his fourteenth Number One on that chart. It also reached number-one on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks and peaked at number 58 on the U. S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it a minor crossover hit. more »


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Have a little love on a little honeymoonYou got a little dish and you got a little spoonA little bitty house and a little bitty yardA little bitty dog and a little bitty carWell, it's alright to be little bittyA little hometown or a big old cityMight as well share, might as well smileLife goes on for a little bitty whileA little bitty baby in a little bitty gownIt'll grow up in a little bitty townA big yellow bus and little bitty booksIt all started with a little bitty lookWell, it's alright to be little bittyA little hometown or a big old cityMight as well share, might as well smileLife goes on for a little bitty whileYou know you got a job and a little bitty checkSix pack of beer and a television setLittle bitty world goes around and aroundLittle bit of silence and a little bit of soundA good ole boy and a pretty little girlStart all over in a little bitty worldA little bitty plan and a little bitty dreamIt's all part of a little bitty schemeIt's alright to be little bittyA little hometown or a big old cityMight as well share, might as well smileLife goes on for a little bitty whileIt's alright to be little bittyA little hometown or a big old cityMight as well share, might as well smileLife goes on for a little bitty while

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Alan Jackson

Alan Eugene Jackson (born October 17, 1958) is an American country music singer, known for blending traditional honky tonk and mainstream country sounds and penning many of his own hits. He has recorded 14 studio albums, three Greatest Hits albums, two Christmas albums, one Gospel album and several compilations, all on the Arista Nashville label. More than 50 of his singles have appeared on Billboard's list of the "Top 30 Country Songs". Of Jackson's entries, 35 were number-one hits, with 50 in the Top 10. He is the recipient of 2 Grammys, 16 CMA Awards, 17 ACM Awards and nominee of multiple other awards. He is a member of the Grand Ole Opry, and was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2001. Jackson has sold more than 60 million records worldwide. more »

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Written by: TOM HALL

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16 facts about this song

Song Origin

'Little Bitty' is a country song performed by Alan Jackson, originally written by Tom T. Hall.

Album Details

The song is part of the album "Everything I Love," which delivered several Top Ten hits.

Chart Performance

'Little Bitty' reached #1 on the US Billboard Country Chart in November 1996, solidifying Alan Jackson's place in country music.

Award Recognition

In 1997, it was nominated for Song of the Year at ACM awards.

Positive Message

The lyrics of the song emphasize the value and joy in simple, small things in life, resonating with many listeners nationwide.


Despite being released more than two decades ago, the song is still popular today.

Music Video

The accompanying video for 'Little Bitty' reflects the song's theme by depicting Alan Jackson in a 'small town' environment.

Writing Credits

This song is one of the notable ones not written by Jackson himself, instead it was penned by the legendary Tom T. Hall.

Critical Reception

Critics have praised 'Little Bitty' for its charming, upbeat simplicity.

Lasting Popularity

Today, 'Little Bitty' remains one of Jackson's most requested and recognized songs.

Song Length

The running time of 'Little Bitty' is approximately 2 minutes and 38 seconds, making it a brief but impactful song.

Cover Versions

Many aspiring country musicians have covered 'Little Bitty,' showcasing its lasting relevance in the genre.

Global Success

Apart from its success in the U.S., 'Little Bitty' also charted in Canada, reaching number one on the RPM Country Tracks.

Single Release

'Little Bitty' was Alan Jackson's lead single of his 'Everything I Love' album.

Sales and Certifications

The song has not been officially certified Platinum or Gold by the RIAA, highlighting its commercial success based primarily on radio airplay rather than sales figures. It was well received by audiences, nonetheless.

Iconic Line

One of the most memorable lines from the song is "It's alright to be Little Bitty", which reassures and gives comfort to the listeners who can relate to it.

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Alan Jackson - Little Bitty Lyrics (2024)
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