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Education and Training Career Path at PHS

Over the last 2 years teachers have been asked to go beyond the typical daily expectations of their training. Teachers have continued to teach their subjects to their students, but they have had to do so in a wide variety of ways which has pushed many teachers to learn how to teach outside of their comfort zone. Not only have teachers taught in regular classroom settings, but they have learned to adapt their teaching styles to meet all of the needs of their students. They have made videos, held zoom/google meets for tutoring, delivered learning packets to children’s homes, created videos, taught/tutored through text messaging and emails, and the list goes on. Many teachers have been able to let their creativity flow, while others have been challenged to get out of their comfort zone. But through it all teachers have continued to make those connections with their students and build relationships of support for their students and their families. Yes! Teaching has been hard over the last 2 years, but it continues to be an incredibly rewarding career for many teachers.
Perryton ISD, along with other school districts across the nation, has realized the growing importance of “growing their own” teachers. Due to Perryton’s location it is often hard to lure teachers to our area. That is why Perryton ISD applied for and was granted the PTech grant to further support its Education and Training program at the high school, as well as the health science - nursing program. Along with adding some financial support to these two programs, the grant will also help teacher aides and paras within our school district to complete their education degree with the understanding that they will stay in our district after completing their degree.
The Education and Training pathway at the high school consists of two pathways. One pathway focuses on Early Childhood Education and Community Services, while the second pathway focuses on Elementary, Middle, and High School Education, counseling, and psychology. The classes that are offered for students interested in these career paths include Child Development, Human Growth and Development, Child Guidance, Family and Community Services, Instructional Practices, and Practicum in Education and Training. In all of these classes, students are provided daily or weekly field experiences so that they can apply what they learn in the classroom. All of these classes are found in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department and taught by Stacey Tanner, CFCS. It is recommended that students begin on this pathway in junior high by taking Principles of Human Services. However, this program of study allows easy entrance and exits at any point along the way to graduation. Currently the high school has 30 students at the beginning level, 23 students at level 2, and 9 students at level 3 and 4. These high school students work alongside teachers at Wright, Williams, and Ranger Roundup Learning Center. Some students serve in the community at Jireh and the Panhandle Crisis Center. Students in this program are eligible for employment at RRLC prior to turning 18 years old. This program of study will also prepare these students to take the Educational Aide certification test which could lead to higher pay as a teacher’s aide, para, or substitute teacher while they work towards higher education.
If your child has a passion or desire to work with children or students at any age level please encourage them to take a look at the education and training pathway. If your child loves to lead or encourage others, suggest that they take a look at this pathway. If your child excels in athletics or music and enjoys teaching younger students their skills, urge them to look at this pathway. If your child is a good listener, problem solver, and supports their friends during stressful times, recommend they look at the education and training pathway.
For more information about the education and training pathway, please visit with Stacey Tanner (, Paige Waide, or Valerie Merkel.

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Mrs. Lumley’s 5th Grade Class: Back Row (L-R) Payton Merkel, Sammy Garcia, Rainy Zheng, Hope DeSantiago (4th year Education and Training Student), Linely Castanon, Jen Carlos Morales, Vivanna Rodriguez. Front Row (L-R) Julia Ramirez, April Escobar, Hayden Merkel, Noah Callahan, Jericho D’Souza, and Ellie Garcia.

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Ashley Garcia (3rd year Education and Training Student) with Hailey McMurry at Ranger Roundup Learning Center.

Perryton High School (2024)
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