Sophie Vanmeter Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Height, Net Worth, Biography (2024)

Sophie Vanmeter Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Height, Net Worth, Biography (1)

Sophie Vanmeter is a young and talented model, Instagram star, and content creator who has gained a lot of popularity and fame in the past few years. She is known for her stunning beauty, exotic ethnicity, and engaging personality.

She has amassed over 105k followers on Instagram, where she posts glamorous photos and videos of herself, as well as her lifestyle, travels, and fashion choices. She also has a TikTok account with more than 550,000 followers, where she uploads vlogs, lip-syncs, and comedy skits. She often interacts with her fans and answers their questions and requests.

Sophie Vanmeter Wiki/Bio

NameSophie Vanmeter
Birth DateAugust 12, 2002
Birth PlacePhnom Penh, Cambodia
OccupationModel, Instagram star, and content creator
Hair ColorBlack (natural), various (dyed)
Eye ColorBrown
EducationHigh school graduate, community college student
Social MediaInstagram- @sophievanmeter

Youtube- @mimimimi96soccer

Twitter- @marbibarbi

Homepage- WikiBioStar
PetCoco (dog)
Relationship StatusSingle
ControversiesRoasted by YouTubers, accused of cultural appropriation, plastic surgery, and drug abuse
TattoosRing, devil, wolf, and angel
HobbiesDancing, traveling, painting, and swimming
Favorite FoodAsian cuisine
Favorite ColorPink


Sophie Vanmeter Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Height, Net Worth, Biography (2)

Sophie Vanmeter was born on August 12, 2002 (age: 21 years, as of 2023) in Cambodia. She is of mixed race, as her father is American and her mother is Cambodian. She moved to the United States with her family when she was a child and grew up in the Midwest. She has a younger brother named Ethan, who sometimes appears in her social media posts.

Sophie was interested in modeling and acting from a young age and participated in various school plays and talent shows. She also loved dancing and singing and took lessons in both. She was a bright and outgoing student who excelled in academics and extracurricular activities. She graduated from high school in 2020 and enrolled in a college in California, where she is currently pursuing a degree in business administration.

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Career and Achievements

Sophie Vanmeter started her social media career in 2019 when she created her TikTok account under the username sophievanmeter9. She began posting videos of herself lip-syncing to popular songs, doing funny impressions, and sharing her opinions on various topics. She quickly gained a loyal fan base who appreciated her humor, charisma, and authenticity. She also showcased her beauty and fashion sense in her videos, which attracted many compliments and admirers. Some of her most viral videos include “Being an exotic ethnicity in the Midwest”, “Using my customer service voice”, and “Lip Syncing to Mean Girls”.

Sophie also expanded her online presence by creating an Instagram account under the same name. She posted more photos and videos of herself, as well as her friends, family, and pets. She also collaborated with other social media influencers and celebrities, such as Harry Styles, Juicy J, and Lindsay Lohan. She promoted various brands and products on her Instagram, such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, and Revolve. She also launched her own merchandise line, which features clothing, accessories, and phone cases with her name and logo.

Sophie Vanmeter Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Height, Net Worth, Biography (3)

She has also ventured into the modeling and acting industry, as she has signed with a reputable agency and appeared in several magazines, commercials, and web series. She has also been featured on the cover of Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. She has also starred in a thriller movie called In the Fire, directed by Conor Allyn, who is a good friend of hers. The movie was released in 2021 and received positive reviews from critics and audiences.

Sophie has achieved a lot of success and recognition in a short span of time, and she is not planning to stop anytime soon. She has many goals and dreams that she wants to fulfill, such as traveling the world, meeting her idols, and creating her own brand.

She is also passionate about giving back to society and supporting various causes, such as animal welfare, environmental protection, and human rights. She often donates to charities and organizations that work for these causes and encourages her fans to do the same.

Net Worth

YearNet Worth
2023$1 million

Sophie Vanmeter Controversies

Sophie Vanmeter Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Height, Net Worth, Biography (4)

Sophie Vanmeter has faced several controversies and criticisms for her content and lifestyle. She has been roasted by many YouTubers, such as Carry Minati, Shivamsingh Rajput, and Anupam Rajput, for posting indecent and vulgar videos and photos. She has also been accused of cultural appropriation, plastic surgery, and drug abuse.

She has responded to her haters and trolls through her Instagram stories and live sessions, defending herself and her choices. She has also inked herself with various tattoos, such as a ring, a devil, a wolf, and an angel, to express her personality and attitude.

Sophie Vanmeter Boyfriend, Love Life and Relationships

Sophie is currently single and focused on her career and education. She has not been romantically linked to anyone in the past, and she prefers to keep her personal life private. She is very close to her family and friends and often spends time with them. She also loves her pets, which include a dog named Coco, a cat named Luna, and a hamster named Mochi.

She is a fun-loving and adventurous person who enjoys trying new things and exploring new places. She loves to travel and has visited many countries, such as France, Italy, Japan, and Australia. She also likes to go shopping, watch movies, read books, and listen to music. Some of her favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Ed Sheeran. She also likes to play video games, such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and Among Us.

Sophie Vanmeter is a positive and optimistic person who believes in herself and her abilities. She is also humble and grateful for everything she has and everyone who supports her. She is always ready to learn and improve herself and never gives up on her dreams. She is an inspiration and a role model for many young people who aspire to follow in her footsteps.

Height, Weight

  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Body measurements: 34-24-35 inches
  • Skin color: Tan
  • Hair color: Black (natural), various colors (dyed)
  • Shoe size: 7 (US)
Sophie Vanmeter Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Height, Net Worth, Biography (2024)
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